Alex Gorgut


As a software developer, I have completed 2 Solidity courses and also completed a JavaScript course a long time ago. With strong skills in Solidity programming, I am focused on developing secure smart contracts. I have a passion for programming, excellent problem-solving abilities, and a proven track record of leadership and teamwork. With my critical thinking skills, creativity, and dedication to teamwork, I am excited to contribute my expertise to the world of web development.


NFT marketing manager
Warsaw, Poland; Southampton, UK; London , UK
September 2021 — June 2022
As an experienced NFT marketing manager, I have helped launch
multiple NFT projects by implementing effective marketing strategies,including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and billboard campaigns.
Developed my first crypto coin
Ukraine, Kiev
January 2022
Ecommerce Specialist
Ukraine, Poland
January 2022 — November 2022
I have experience supplying high-quality Apple accessories and
equipment to Ukrainian/Polish Apple stores. My skills include
evaluating products, managing inventory, and delivering excellent
customer service.